Тапети от вестници

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Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 12.12.02 AMnewspaper dresses0 Awesome newspaper dresses (26 photos) hrrrthrrr:  DIY: Wordy Decoupage Planter So this project only took me about an hour to do.  You can use pretty much anything to do this (photos, newspaper, magazines, paycheck stubs, junk mail, homework you never finished).  All you need is a pot, paper, a paintbrush, mod podge, and a plant.  Just cut your paper into strips and collage them all over your surface.  Once you have it all covered you just need to do a once over with your mod podge to seal it all.  Throw a plant in it and you are done! Total Cost: $20 (including the plant) This was too easy and I love the results! …Although I’m now missing large chunks of my thesaurus. 

newspaper dresses2 Awesome newspaper dresses (26 photos)облечена в новини

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2 thoughts on “Тапети от вестници

    Dreamy said:
    09/02/2011 в 21:25

    Страхотна идея, някой ден ще я пробвам. Саксията прилича на папие-маше 🙂

    […] рокли от вестник и даже тапети от вестник 43.161383 […]

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